Portable Recorder Accessories

Don't you love getting out of the studio to record? Whether you're getting your work done outside or in an indoor location, you most certainly need some portable recorder accessories to make sure everything's turning out perfectly.

Live sound engineers and musicians will definitely get this: you want to find the greatest ways to record your performances wherever your job or hobby takes you. But what a pain in the neck it is when the wind is blowing, you need some extra cable, you run out of batteries, or you can't figure out a secure way to pack your gear! Moments like these are a regular part of the musician's life and you have to be ready for them.
TASCAM AK-DR1 - Industrie Music



Accessories for your DR-1! The TASCAM AK-DR1 is an accessory kit for their popular DR-1 handheld recorder. Included with the kit is a handy tripo...

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