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Shakers are super-useful, creative add-ons to any percussion rig. They're easy to play, and they generate a wide spectrum of unique sounds. Whether you're a professional or an amateur musician, these percussion instruments are a convenient, portable, affordable way to add zest and distinctive flavour to your music. At Industrie Music, we carry a huge selection of shakers for various purposes in a range of prices to suit any budget.

Shakers can be some of the simplest instruments out there; many are just hollow natural husks, gourds, or sections of plant stalks which are filled with pebbles, sand or seeds. Other shakers employ synthetic materials for extended durability and more diverse colour options. There are shakers designed as boxes made from wooden panels — such as mini-cajon shakers — metal cylinders, hollow disks, maraca shapes, even wire cages with jingles inside. The selection is nearly endless!

The type of sound a particular shaker makes depends primarily on the container material and what it is filled with. The natural husks or gourds mentioned above produce organic, authentic sounds that have been used in ethnic music for centuries. Wooden egg shakers are another type that produce natural sounds and are great for both pros and beginners. If you want to introduce your kids to music, these shakers are a wonderful way to start. They are egg-shaped, so they fit comfortably into the hand. Of course, any of our small and portable shakers will fit easily into any bag for transport to your gig or session.

Want something more? Industrie Music also carries shaker sets, with two or more shakers included. They usually vary in size and sound, so if you want to have plenty of options, these affordable sets are a perfect choice. With their range of volume, they enable you to add some rhythm to both recordings and your live performances. You can use one shaker for quiet accompaniment, another for background noise, a third for cutting through some noise, and a fourth for outdoor performances. If you seek ultimate freedom of expression, you'll love our shaker sets.

Would you like to keep your hands free for another instrument? Check out our foot shakers. Perfect for busking guitar players, rock drummers, or ensembles looking to add percussion to their vocals and choreography. Toe-mounted shakers make adding some background percussion to your set a simple task, and heel-shakers are even easier to use. They slide into your shoe behind your heel, shoehorn-style, so that the shaker stays put. Then, with a simple heel-stomp or by raising your calf, you can produce appealing rhythms. We also offer heel shaker sets, so you can keep both of your heels busy, and both of your hands free!

For more subtle sounds, Industrie Music carries finger shakers with soft elastic straps for your fingers, allowing you to execute precise rhythms and fun sounds. Our finger shakers are extremely small and portable, making them a nice option if you're always on the road. Constructed from durable materials, these shakers won't mind being shoved into a bag and are designed to provide many years of reliable performance.

Adding shakers to your sound has never been easier with our selection at Industrie Music. Give our Sales Engineers a call and we'll help you sift through the options to choose the shakers that are just right for you.