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PA Speakers

Needless to say, you have many options when it comes to PA speakers. Start by considering how they will fit in with the gear you already have. If you have decent stand-alone power amps already, you can look into passive speakers - speakers that don't have a power amp built in.

If you suspect your power amps are also contributing to the mud, consider powered PA speakers or active speakers, which can serve double duty as floor monitors. Since you don't have to worry about power, it's super simple to add more speakers to your existing rig in a chain or with additional outputs from your mixing board.

Another key detail you'll want to figure into your decision making process is weight. If you envision regularly lugging your PA speakers back and forth between the gig and the practice room, you'll thank yourself later if you choose one of our lighter options. Our PA speakers range from under 25 to over 100 pounds and from as small as a foot high to over 5 feet.

If you are setting up in larger spaces, equipping a venue or are simply wanting superior audio quality, take a look at passive speakers powered by external power amps. In this case you'll want to pay special attention to matching your PA speakers to the specifications of your power amps. You have to correctly match the ohms based on your amps rating, how many speakers you will have on the channel, and whether you're running them in series or parallel.

If you find yourself going around in circles and you're still not sure which combination is the best, do yourself a favour and give us a call. Our Sales Engineers love to talk about this stuff. And because they're musicians who have been thoroughly trained on the specs and how it all fits together, they are uniquely suited to helping you find the perfect PA speakers. Learn More