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Mayones Guitars & Basses

Mayones Guitars & Basses 100% HAND-CRAFTED IN POLAND SINCE 1982, Mayones instruments find their origin in the very same place music starts – the heart. Their essence stems from passion of the talented musicians we work with and the devotion of our experienced luthiers who build instruments for you.

Designs, quality and playability of Mayones guitars and basses are the result of the perfect blend of 35 years of tradition, modern technology and craftsmanship we use and affection at every stage of the building process.

Every guitar and bass follow the same production routine: take the skills and the experience of our luthiers, implement strict quality standards at every step of production and add the elusive touch of our love to guitars. The result is always the same – a top notch instrument with soul and built-in inspiration.

In addition to highly equipped standard models we also offer thousands of custom option combinations to suite your taste. Simply choose your favorite Mayones model and boost it with desired wood, pickups, electronics, tuners, bridges and many other features available!

Mayones was founded in 1982 by two friends, but shortly it became a family business owned by a married couple, Halina & Zenon Dziewulski. The small workshop in a home garage was where their two sons, Dawid and Tomasz, grew up. Their affection of the family members has always been a driving force of the company and a warranty of authenticity of every Mayones instrument.

We require 100% None refundable prepayment before we process your order and the shipping.

The lead time for each order will be determined for the day it is placed.

Please bare in mind that the overall delivery time is a sum of two elements: queuing time (QT) and minimum production time (PT).

The current estimated lead time are: QT >20 weeks (depending on a model), PT - 30-45 weeks.

Please remember that these are just estimates, not fixed time frame. The real delivery times may vary depending on quantities and specifications of instruments in production.

In most cases we build guitars for customer requests only. However, depending on production load from time to time we offer stock instruments for quick delivery. We also build short series of limited run custom instruments with shorter delivery times please contact us for more information.

Prices may change with out notice.

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