Hi-hat Stands & Mounts

A proper hi-hat stand can serve as an anchor for your drum set and is often a foundational piece for any additional arms or mounts you may add down the road. Recognizing the differences between various stands will go a long way in deciding between different designs.

Two-legged hi-hat stands break from the standard three-leg design often used for various hardware stands by using two winged feet balanced around the base footboard. Adjustable to various heights, the stand will remain steady between its minimum and maximum heights. The two-legged build is a favorite choice if you are tight on space and want to maintain the standard hi-hat stand design.

Perhaps the most conventional stand design, the three-legged hi-hat stand is a classic foundational piece for any drum set. You will enjoy great stability through long sets, and any potential arms or mounts that may be added for future expansion will have a sturdy base to call home. A preferred characteristic of the design is that you can adjust the legs more freely in order to accommodate various setups.

Although your traditional hi-hat stand is often a centerpiece in terms of hardware, it is not a requirement. The remote hi-hat design gives you the footboard-to-cymbal connection needed, without the static limitations of a metal stand. With a simple cable connection providing the mechanical connection from your pedal to your hats, you’ll be freed from the placement constraints of a normal hi-hat stand. You will still be required to mount the hats themselves, but the majority of remote kits should come with the required hardware you'll need; usually in the form of a mounting arm.

Many other additional accessories are available to make your hats perform and play the way you’d like. Industrie Music Sales Engineers are here to answer any questions you may have and guide you towards the right options. Give us a call!