MusicNomad Cradle Cube Neck Support for All Stringed Instruments


MusicNomad Cradle Cube Neck Support for All Stringed Instruments, 5-in-1 Soft Gel Neck Support for Stringed Instruments.

Guitar Maintenance Essentials from MusicNomad

Don't make caring for your guitar, bass, or other stringed instrument a hassle - use the 5-in-1 Cradle Cube from MusicNomad. Stop trying to change strings in your lap. The 5-in-1 positional cube shape accommodates many different instrument necks from violins to 5-string basses and keeps your instruments safe and secure while you're cleaning and polishing. This nifty little wonder is made from a soft gel material that won't scratch your neck finish during string changes or pickup switch-outs, and it won't slide around on a table or countertop. As one of the handiest essentials we've seen at Industrie Music, the MusicNomad 5-in-1 Cradle Cube should be a part of your instrument maintenance kit.

MusicNomad 5-in-1 Cradle Cube Neck Support Features:

  • Soft gel material holds instruments securely without damaging delicate finishes
  • Multiple positions accommodate many different neck shapes and sizes

Rely on the Cradle Cube and other essentials from MusicNomad and keep your gear rocking!

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