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Even if you've played the drums for years, there's always something new in the world of cymbals. The one constant in uncertain times is Industrie Music supply of the hottest cymbal brands and lines around and our expert knowledge of how to put them to use for your music.

Not sure where to start? Let's begin with the basics. The ride and hi-hat cymbals are your timekeepers behind the kit. That jazz ring-a-ding pattern we're all familiar with? That comes from the ride cymbal. Ride cymbals are typically 18" or larger and have sharp body and bell tones to cut through the band. Hi-hats, typically 13"-15", come in pairs and mount to a special pedal-activated stand that allows the player to pulse the beat with a foot as they move around the kit. Played with sticks, the hi-hats deliver crisp, constant eighth notes to lock in the rest of the ensemble. These are arguably the two most important pieces in your collection, so don't be afraid to spend big. Industrie Music is committed to getting you the best prices on the cymbals you want, bar none, so give us a ring if you're on a budget.

Crash, splash, and effect cymbals are where you really get to make your mark on a production. From the full, lingering sustain of traditional crash cymbals (14"-20") to the punchy attack of smaller splash cymbals (8"-12"), to chinas, stacks, and hybrid holey creations, these are a great way to let your personality shine through your performance. Remember, Industrie Music Sales Engineers speak drums, so don't be afraid to drop some knowledge on us to describe the sound you're after:

Dark = low pitched and controlled; vintage
Bright = high pitched and cutting; modern
Dry = short decay, strong note separation
Trashy = aggressive bite

Industrie Music also carries exclusive cymbal packs from top manufacturers - Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, Meinl, and Wuhan - as well as hand-picked selections from our house-drummer Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard, Tears for Fears). These are a great way to save money when buying in bulk, and a convenient way to save time when you aren't exactly sure what to look for. Worship drummer? Classic rocker? Nashville-country beatkeeper? Industrie Music has cymbal packs for all players and styles.

For electronic drummers, Industrie Music carries cymbal pads in all sizes for all budgets: from affordable single-zone Alesis pads to the latest Roland digital pads. We also carry the bedroom-friendly Gen16 cymbals, which are up to 70% quieter than traditional cymbals for quiet practice, yet can plug directly into a soundboard by way of the Gen16 module. These are also available in convenient packs, ready to rock.

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