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Got a fever for more cowbell? At Industrie Music, we totally get it. Whether you love to play metal or are more into Latin beats, cowbells complement a variety of music styles and will prove to be a beloved addition to your set. Here's the lowdown on what to look for in choosing your bells.

The cowbell concept is simple, but they come in various materials, shapes, and sizes, and each bell makes a unique sound. If you are into Latin music, go for the clear tones of one of our Latin percussion rock or salsa cha-cha cowbells. They provide a lively sound perfect for this genre of music. If you want a tone that's more muffled, go for the handheld bell, whereas if you want a resonant sound, stand-mounted cowbells are the answer. When choosing a cowbell, keep in mind your specific genre to ensure the instrument perfectly complements your established sound.
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