China Cymbals

China cymbals offer a refreshing departure from the traditional range of cymbal instruments. Reflecting the sound of the classic Chinese gong, these pieces deliver a valuable, explosive tone to your kit. Add these to your classic drum set or as a complement to your other percussion instruments. Industrie Music understands the versatility of the china, which is why we carry a vast selection of china cymbals to ensure you find just the sound you’re looking for.

China cymbal sizes may range from around eight inches to nearly two feet and all speak with a different tone. Increased relief holes and accented ridges are also available in a handful of china designs, providing unique alterations to the cymbal’s sound. Chinas also come in a range of colors and finishes. You will see a number red, blue, black, and other shades at Industrie Music " all serving to represent your unique style.

We recognize the defining sound available from china cymbals. That's why we carry a large selection that varies in color, build, size, and overall sound. Our Sales Engineers are experienced with drums and can help you understand the benefits of different designs. A valuable asset for your growing set, you may only be one china cymbal away from that defining sound you've been searching for.
Bosphorus Traditional Series 14" China Cymbal
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Bosphorus Traditional Series 14" China Cymbal


Bosphorus Traditional Series 14" China Cymbal Fully lathed top and bottom, Bosphorus Traditional Series Chinas offer a piercing attack with a fast ...

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Great service

Item arrived early. Well packed and very good price.


Still have not received it as i had to have it the address redirected and the courier company is super slack in getting their act together.

Focusrite Purchase

Purchased this item as a gift for my boyfriend as he is currently doing his music. Awesome gift, he loved it, hard to find a good music store on after purchase for this price. Delivery quick. Thank You.

Nomad temperature and humidity meter for guitar

Very good buy. Meter is accurate tested against a more expensive home meter. A plus for acoustic guitar owners concerned about humidity damage to their instruments. Highly recommended for use on higher end acoustic instruments.


Nice, seems to be well made, was a gift for a child