Caparison Dellinger M3 MJR Electric Guitar

by Caparison

Caparison Dellinger M3 MJR Electric Guitar, Caparison Dellinger-M3 MJR Renowned Michael Romeo is the lead guitarist for the progressive metal act Symphony X. When listening to his immaculately precise, technically mind boggling yet impeccably phrased playing one knows a virtuoso of his calibre demands a suitable guitar for the job.

Based on the famous Dellinger, the Michael J. Romeo signature features his unique neck profile, M3 construction, a blistering combination of DiMarzio Tone Zone (neck) and X2N (bridge), Maple fretboard and is rounded off by a Schaller double locking tremolo. Flawless like the artist it was created for.

"The MJR sounds tonally rich before it's even plugged in, with the snappy maple neck intimating its sonic character...

"If you are in the market for a high-end rock guitar then this should definitely be on your radar. The build quality is first class, and the stunning neck alone makes the asking price more palatable."
- Guitarist Magazine

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