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Audio interface

Audio interface, Unless you're really old school, you probably do at least some of your music production "in-the-box," that is inside of a computer. But not any old computer will do - to get the best results, you need to have a properly spec'd machine. At Industrie Music, we've spent countless hours researching CPUs, RAM, hard drives, and more. We know which computer works best for your situation. We know the software inside and out, and we understand which peripherals you need to get the job done. If you're getting into computer audio, Industrie Music has you covered.

Do you need a Mac or a PC? Hard drive or solid-state? How much storage do you need? Giga-what? Don't trust what the guy at the computer store tells you - he may understand computers, but he probably doesn't know much about computer audio. A computer that's built for gaming or office work may not cut it when it comes to recording music. At Industrie Music, we've got a massive array of audio-optimised machines. Our custom-built Creation Stations are specifically designed to tackle computer audio. We're also an Authorised Apple Reseller. No matter what audio situation you're in, we'll set you up with the computer that best meets your needs and budget.

Okay, so you've got a beast of a computer. That's great! But it won't do you much good without the right kind of software. Whether you need recording software, effects plug-ins, or virtual instruments, we've got what you need. We stock every major audio software here at Industrie Music, and we've got the knowledge and experience to hook you up with the one that's best for you. We're also one of the nation's top Pro Tools dealers, so if you want to get your hands on the software that's been the industry standard for decades, we're your number one resource. And if you have any trouble getting your new software up and running - never fear - our award-winning tech support team is here to help!

Of course, you need to get audio in and out of your computer to record music. That's why we've got a huge range of audio and MIDI interfaces in our on-site 100,000-square-foot warehouse. From $30 starter units to $8,000 professional solutions, Industrie Music has something for everyone. And you can buy with confidence, thanks to our FREE 2-year warranty and in-house factory-authorised service technicians.

Sometimes, pointing and clicking with a mouse and keyboard aren't very efficient. That's when a control surface comes in handy. If you need a mixer-style surface with faders and transport controls, we've got 'em. Piano-style keyboard controllers? We've got those, too. And DJs will appreciate our huge selection of pad-style MIDI controllers.

Industrie Music also carries a massive array of computer peripherals, such as internal and external hard drives, Bluetooth speakers, and more. Whatever your needs, our knowledgeable Sales Engineers will help you find the perfect gear for your studio.