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4-String Bass Guitars

With ancestral origins in 15th century Europe, the bass guitar as we know it went through significant changes and growing pains over hundreds of years to become the fretted electric machines so widespread today. Even when Leo Fender first introduced the solid-body, fretted electric Precision Bass in 1951, it took several years for it to be truly adopted and accepted by musicians and producers as a genuine replacement for the upright bass. But as time went on, this revolutionary design caught fire and every major manufacturer started putting out their own versions of the electric bass guitar -- Gibson with the EB series, Hofner with the 500/1 Violin Bass, Rickenbacker with the 4001, and countless others. Industrie Music has a huge selection of new and used bass guitars, ranging from upright to acoustic, beginner basses to classic vintage bass guitars. An integral part of many musical ensembles, the bass guitar can function as both a harmonic player and the rhythmic foundation. Follow this collection to keep up with Industrie Music ever-growing selection of bass guitars.

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