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1010music Toolbox Eurorack Performance Utility Module, 26HP Eurorack Sequencer and Function Generator Module, with 4 Rhythm Sequencers, 4 Polyphonic Note Sequencers, 4 Function Generators, 3 LFOs, and CV Sequencer.

Master Control for Your Eurorack Rig

The 1010music Toolbox Eurorack performance utility module offers a ton of creative potential when it comes to sequencing and modulation. Its color touchscreen gives you access to its sequencers, piano roll editor, active notes and events, and much more. In all, Toolbox offers four rhythm sequencers (1 to 32 steps), four polyphonic note sequencers (1 to 32 steps), four function generators, three LFOs, and a one-bar CV sequencer. In other words, the 1010music Toolbox module can turn a handful of other modules into a Eurorack symphony.

Comprehensive touchscreen control

A 3.5" color touchscreen with smartphone-like control gives you intuitive access to the Toolbox module's expansive creative potential. Touch-based scrolling and zooming allow you to navigate sequences and settings smoothly in the middle of a performance.

9 powerful sequencers

In all, the 1010music Toolbox module packs four rhythm sequencers (perfect for drums and percussion), four polyphonic note sequencers, and a CV sequencer for looping-envelope-style modulation. Use the MIDI or CV inputs to record sequences from an external source, or create sequences directly on the touchscreen using the piano roll editor.

3 LFOs too

On top of all the sequencing potential, Eurorack fans  appreciate Toolbox's three LFOs. Offering a variety of waveshapes, Toolbox's LFO generator adds even more modulation potential to an already-comprehensive utility module.

1010music Toolbox Eurorack Performance Utility Module Features:

  • Sequencer and function generator module for Eurorack modular synthesizers
  • Color 3.5" touchscreen with smartphone-like navigation
  • 4 rhythm sequencers, 1 to 32 steps, with step lengths from 1/64th note to 8 bars
  • 4 polyphonic note sequencers, 1 to 32 steps, with step lengths from 1/64th note to 8 bars
  • Rhythm sequencer can trigger the Note sequencers
  • CV sequencer for creative modulation effects
  • Sequences can be transposed in semitones, plus quantize to scale option
  • Create and edit sequences right from the touchscreen via the piano roll editor
  • Clock source switchable between internal, external, and rhythm sequencers
  • 3 LFOs featuring standard waveforms
  • Size: 26HP wide
  • Power usage: 350mA (+12V), 0mA (-12V)

Tech Specs

  • Type: Sequencer and Function Generator
  • Controls: 3.5" Touch Screen, 4 x Encoders
  • Sequencer: 4 x 32-step Rhythm Sequencer, 4 x 32-step Polyphonic Note Sequencers
  • LFO: 3 x LFO standard waveforms
  • Other I/O: CV in, Clock in, MIDI in, CV Mod in, Gate out, CV out, MIDI out
  • Storage: MicroSD card slot
  • Depth: 3.25"
  • HP Size: 26HP
  • Power Usage: ±12V DC, 350mA
  • Power Supply: Requires Eurorack case and power supply
  • Manufacturer Part Number:

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