1010music Synthbox Eurorack 4-voice Synthesizer with Touchscreen


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1010music Synthbox Eurorack 4-voice Synthesizer with Touchscreen, 26HP Eurorack Synthesizer Module with 2 LFOs, 2VCFs, and 2 Envelopes Per Voice - MIDI and CV Controllable.

Three Eurorack Synth Modules in One

If you're looking for rack-mountable synth power, look no further. 1010music presents the Synthbox Series One Polyphonic Synthesizer Module for your Eurorack setup.

This 4-note polyphonic synth module is designed to provide touchscreen-controlled waveform and effects manipulation, as well as up-front, user-friendly tweaking of envelopes, LFOs, and sequencers — all connected to hardwired CV inputs. And since it's a Series One module, you can exchange the Synthbox firmware for other Series One firmware — such as that of the Bitbox or Fxbox — efficiently and easily, effectively giving you three modules in one!


The Synthbox's 24-bit DACs and internal processing let you confidently convert your digital wizardry to analog music. You have the option of MIDI control or CV control, and there are eight wavetable oscillators and two each of filters, envelopes, and LFOs per voice, with the choice of stereo or individual outputs. You get 50 presets and 100 wavetables, too. Add in the global flanger, stereo delay effects, and distortion, and the Synthbox is a compact force to be reckoned with. It even supports user WAV file wavetables — and in the unlikely event you exhaust the Synthbox firmware's capabilities, you can easily switch to Fxbox or Bitbox firmware through 1010music's online forum. Plus, all of this processing power is intuitively accessible through the Synthbox's large touchscreen and rotary selector knobs and a logical front-panel grid of hardwired CV inputs, with multiple output routing options.

1010music Synthbox Polyphonic Synthesizer Module Features:

  • 4-note poly synth for your Eurorack system delivers high functionality in only 26 HP units
  • MIDI controllable; supports velocity, pitch bend, and modulation wheel
  • CV controllable: pitch, gate, and 3 assignable modulators for each voice
  • Digital to analog conversion at 24 bits with powerful internal processing
  • 8 wavetable oscillators and 4 waveform oscillators for making synthetic magic
  • 2 filters, 2 envelopes, 2 LFOs, and a step sequencer per voice expand creative options
  • Built-in global flanger, stereo effects, and distortion
  • Lots of I/O options for creative flexibility
  • Support for your own WAV file wavetables
  • 3 synth modules in 1; firmware can be swapped for Fxbox or Bitbox firmware through 1010music's online forum

Tech Specs

  • Type: Polyphonic Synth
  • Oscillator: 8 x Wavetable Oscillators, 2 x LFO
  • Waveforms: 4
  • Sounds: 50 presets, 100 wavetables
  • Effects Types: Global Flanger, Distortion, Stereo Delay
  • HP Size: 26HP
  • Power Usage: ±12V DC, 350mA
  • Power Supply: Requires Eurorack case and power supply
  • Manufacturer Part Number:TEN-SYNTHBOX

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