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November 29, 2019 2 min read

Paradigm Strings Last Longer, with Classic Ernie Ball Tone

Ernie Ball has been crafting popular guitar strings for over 50 years, and the Ernie Ball Paradigm series represents their most advanced string technology to date. Paradigm strings boast 35% more tensile strength and up to 70% more fatigue strength than traditional strings — that means less string breakage and longer-lasting tone. And with a high-tech plasma treatment to enhance resistance against moisture and oils, Paradigm strings will stay rust-free longer than typical strings.

"We don’t care if this isn’t conventional. This is Ernie Ball."

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Reinforced Plain String technology withstands aggressive players

The ball end of a guitar string is a likely place for breaks to occur, so Ernie Ball went back to the drawing board to develop a solution. Paradigm strings feature Reinforced Plain String (RPS) technology, which eliminates the need for a lock twist in the wire that can stress the metal and invite breakage. With RPS plus an advanced wire-drawing method, Ernie Ball Paradigm strings promise 35% more tensile strength and up to 70% more fatigue resistance.

  • Ball ends are secured without using a stress-causing lock twist
  • 35% greater tensile strength for superior resistance to breakage
  • 70% more resistant to fatigue for long-lasting performance

Industrie Music Ernie Ball


Plasma-enhanced wrap wire for unparalleled durability

Paradigm strings feature wrap wire that has been treated to an exclusive plasma-enhanced process, giving them long-lasting performance comparable to many coated strings. Plasma processing removes microscopic imperfections and improves corrosion resistance. After the strings are wound, Ernie Ball’s patented Everlast nanotechnology changes the way Paradigm strings react to oils and moisture. You’ll enjoy longer-lasting tone and playability, without the side effects of using coated strings.

  • Plasma treatment removes microscopic imperfections for superior resistance to corrosion
  • Patented Everlast nanotechnology minimizes the effects of oils and moisture from your hands
  • Perfect for players with acidic sweat or anyone living in a salty coastal region

 "Based on this [corrosion] test, you might have confidence in months and months instead of weeks"

Industrie Music Ernie Ball

Advanced string technology for electric and acoustic

For electric guitar, Ernie Ball Paradigm strings deliver classic Slinky tone and feel in a wide range of gauges. Acoustic players can choose between two formulations of Paradigm strings: Phosphor Bronze and 80/20 Bronze. Phosphor Bronze strings are often described as having a warm, midrange-rich tone, relative to the brighter sparkle and clarity of 80/20 Bronze strings. Whichever Paradigm strings you choose, you’ll enjoy longer-lasting performance with superior resistance to breakage and corrosion.

  • Paradigm strings for electric guitar offer familiar Slinky tone and feel
  • Phosphor Bronze strings for acoustic guitar have vibrant midrange richness
  • 80/20 Bronze strings for acoustic deliver bright, sparkling tone with exceptional clarity

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